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Catch & Record

the events for evidence anytime and anywhere secretly !

The dream of reporters, private investigators, solicitors and peoples whose right was infringement.

Spy Alarm Clock Radio DVR Stealth Cam CAMERA System
Spy Alarm Clock Radio DVR Stealth Cam CAMERA System

Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?
Are Your Kids Safe On-Line?
Are Your Teens Doing Drugs?

Black & White Clock Radio

Hidden Video Recorder System in a Stylish Cube Alarm Clock Camera DVR

Covert Recorder is now better then ever with the New and improved Version 2.1
(SC81) Spy Alarm Clock Radio DVR Stealth Cam CAMERA System’s price

Alarm Clock + shipping cost =  Total: 469.99 GBP
Newest Features:

Low Lux cameras, higher resolution, now supports up to 8Gig SD card
Introducing our Spy Stealth CAM Camera with Covert Recording DVR.

By using our new patent pending stealth recording technology in our Cube Alarm Clock, we have eliminated the requirement of additional recording equipment for a covert system. A quality CCD camera is concealed within the clock radio's front. The back contains a cleverly installed SD video recorder. The Stealth Cam is a simple to use and easy to deploy advanced recording system hidden in an everyday household item.

Sporting Mpeg4, 30fps, Motion detection, and Time & Date stamp, the Hidden Camera records directly to a SD card for storage and play back on your PC via Windows Media Player or directly from the unit connected to your TV or monitor.

Secure Video Recording

The Stealth Cam emits no wireless signals that may or may not be stable within an already RF rich environment. Your video is safely stored within the removable SD memory card unlike some wireless camera systems that may be intercepted. Captured video may be viewed on a PC using Windows Media Player.

Motion Activated

Stealth Cam is motion activated with time / date stamp capabilities. Motion activation is the must have feature when you are monitoring an area that may not always have a subject present. Now you can record the action when it happens. This feature saves valuable memory space and also reduces the time it takes to review the captured images.

PC Viewable Video

Supporting Mpeg4 at 30 fps you may play back the video on your PC.
Stored video on the SD card may be played on your PC in the convenience of your home or office.

You can organize the files on your PC for later review. You may also email the files to business associates, security professionals, law enforcement, family, friends, or any loved ones.

The Stealth Cam Hidden Camera System is the only Nanny Cam you will ever need for Instant Peace of Mind

Hidden Video Recorder Covert Clock Radio System

• Remote Control
• USB SD Card Reader
• USB Extension Cable for Card Reader
• 2G SD Card Included
• Video Cable
• Instructions

Note: 110V ONLY - Outside USA Requires International Adapter

Size: 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 4 3/4"

Recording Capacity of SD Card when used with our Stealth Cameras

Video Under:  320 x 240  /  Ave. 69KB/s @30fps

512MB     1 hour *
1GB         2 hours *
2GB         4 hours *
4GB         8 hours *

* Recording times may vary - Supports up to 8GB card

PLUG & PLAY System Comes

Complete with everything you need for Instant Recording