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Long Range 37dBm USB Adapter (antenna) for 802.11b/g
Transmission range of USB– WA37 Antenna:

Indoor: 100 ~ 150 Meter                     Outdoor: 2 ~ 12 Kilometer

USB cable comes with the unit is 3 feet. USB extension cable available in our store, pay less  on shipping cost for each cable shipped with the USB unit. Make sure use a USB "active" extension cable (also known as a USB repeater cable).  This cable contains active electronics which boost the USB signal for maximum reliability and performance over extended distances. You may use up to 5 of the USB 1.1 cable or 3 of the USB 2.0 cable together, that's up to 80 feet.
Package Contents:

USB Wireless 802.11b/g adapter

CD with user's guide and drivers

Pole mounting hardware

Patented Antenna! Highest gain Vs size in the world. High gain antenna means you get longest range.

Connect to your neighbour, even your office blocks away!

Trucker or RV Traveller's dream machine! High speed internet ANYTIME ANYWHERE!

This is NOT just an antenna, it's a wireless card and the antenna.  Function just like any other conventional wifi adapter, but have much longer range.

Vista driver ready, compatible with MAC OS10.3x/10.4x or Linux. We will supply the CD for the driver of Windows 98SE, Windows2000 & Windows XP. Please click the above link to download them.

This adapter has more than 7 times transmission range of regular USB adapter at Line of Sight . Inside is a very powerful embedded 19dBi 15° H-Beam 16° V-Beam Antenna, plus the USB card TX power 18dBm, total TX power is 37dBm, that's more than 5 Watts.

Plug and play, no hassle setup.

Antenna gain is the key for the transmission range. Theoretically every 6dBi gain increase will double the transmission range. Compared to other products in the market, this unit has the highest gain and more than 7 times longer range.

This unit is fully weather-proof, ideal for indoor and outdoor using. Outdoor use is very important to long range transmission of 2.4Ghz signal, we recommend you mount it outside to get clear line of sight (If use an active USB extension cord, be sure to seal the USB cable connector with silicone when you use it outdoor).

Ideal for the low cost CPE solution to wireless ISP.

Free pole mounting hardware included.
What makes us better than other Competitors?
Long Range CPE USB Wireless Card Other Competitors Comments
High Gain Antenna (19 dBi) Low gain Home made Cantenna(<8dBi),
Every 3dBi gain increase will double the range, compare to the competitor, our products has more than 7 times range;
Outdoor and Indoor Using, Fully weather-proof Indoor Using, no weather-proof
Line of sight is the key for 2.4Ghz application, outdoor using bring the possibility for a longer link;
No Loss USB Cable High Loss Coax Cable
The gain loss on the cable cause a shorter range, or no range at all;
Professional Manufacturer, in the antenna business for more than 10 years
Professional Design, testing facility makes great reliability
Support Windows, MAC and Linux Only supports Windows Great Flexibility;
Same Day Service Unknown Shorter shipping time;
Great quality products give you piece of mind;
Specifications of the antenna inside:

Technical Specifications
1 Frequency Range 2400 - 2483 MHz  
2 Impedance 50 W  
3 VSWR (or Return Loss) < 1.5:1 ( or > 14dB)  
4 Gain > 19dBi  
5 Polarization Vertical, Linear  
6 3dB Horizontal Beamwidth 15 Degrees  
7 3dB Vertical Beamwidth 16 Degrees  
8 Front to Back Ratio > 35dB  
9 Max. Power Input 20W 20W  
10 Appearance Panel Type  
11 Size 13.8 x 15.5 x 1 [inch]  
12 Housing Material Powder Coated Aluminium  
13 Radom Material ABS with UV Protection  
14 Radom Colour White  
15 Case Design Water Resistance  
16 Weight 3 lb  
17 Wind Loading (Frontal) > 10Kg 200km/h
18 Temperature Range -45 to +75 Degrees  
19 Storage Temperature -30 to +75 Degrees  
20 Lighting Protection Direct Grounding  
21 Mounting Hardware Clamp Set  
22 Life Expectancy 20 years  
Standard IEEE 802.11b/g
Date Transmission Rate Up to 54Mbps
Interface USB 2.0 compliant with USB 1.1
Advanced security features WEP, WPA and WPA2
Frequency Band 2.400-2.483 GHz
Antennas Embeded 19dBi 53 degree H-beamwidth Panel Antenna- Patented
Number of channels 11 Channels (North America), 13 (Europe), 14(Japan)
Receiver-Sensitivity -80dBm@11Mbps
Transmission Power 37 dBm
OS Compatible Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP, Windows Vista, MAC OS10.3x/10.4x, Linux
Dimensions 13.8 x 15.5 x 1 [inch]
Security 64/128 bits encryption
USB– WA37 (37dBm) Antenna’s Price:         Antenna + shipping cost =  Total: 184.99 GBP