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Exteme Long Range 43 dBm USB Adapter (antenna) for 802.11b/g
Transmission range of USB– WEA38 Antenna:

Indoor: 100 ~ 150 Meter                     Outdoor: 2 ~ 14.6 Kilometer

USB cable comes with the unit is 3 feet. USB extension cable available in our store, pay less  on shipping cost for each cable shipped with the USB unit. Make sure use a USB "active" extension cable (also known as a USB repeater cable).  This cable contains active electronics which boost the USB signal for maximum reliability and performance over extended distances. You may use up to 5 of the USB 1.1 cable or 3 of the USB 2.0 cable together, that's up to 80 feet.
Package Contents:

1 (one) Extreme Long Range Hi-Power USB Antenna
Unit testing Certificate (Gain / SWR).
CD with user's guide and drivers
Pole mounting hardware
Please note that POLE itself is not included
Catch WI-FI signals miles away. Works with any PC/Laptop

This is a great "ALL IN ONE" package - Extreme long range Hi-Power USB Antenna.
Save the cost of Internet by connecting your home and your office miles away! Share the Internet with your Neighbor! Connect to public networks from your home! Reach distant Access Points. Have High Speed Internet on the go on your vehicle, boat or RV ! Get FREE Internet !
You can do it all and more with this top quality device which is weatherproof and corrosion resistant and includes FREE high quality stainless steel mounting hardware for almost any type of surface.
A wireless USB antenna are packaged in an attractive indoor/outdoor case and function just like any other conventional WiFi adapter, but with the way greater range (more than 8 times transmission range of regular USB adapter at clear-line-of-sight).
Easy plug and play setup. A CD with MS Windows drivers is included. The device is fully compatible with MAC and Unix/Linux OS. You do NOT need a separate network card for it to work, just a USB port on your computer/laptop.
Encrypted networks are no longer the problem**. Get your network key in minutes**, thanks to legendary RTL8187L chipset from Realtek (Experience in Aircrack-ng/Linux/Vmware is required, results vary from range/setup). We also call this unit "packet injection master".

Extreme Long Range Indoor/Outdoor Hi - Power WI-FI USB Antenna

Specifications of the antenna inside:

Technical Specifications
1 Frequency Range 2400 - 2483MHz  
2 Impedance 50 Ohm  
3 VSWR (or Return Loss) ?1.5:1  
4 Gain > 18 dBi  
5 Polarization Vertical,  
6 Standard IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g  
7 Chipset Realtek RTL8187L  
8 Frequency Band 2.412GHz ~ 2.484GHz  
9 Transmitter Power 500mW  
10 Receive Sensitivity <-82dBm@8%PER  
12 I/O Interface USB2.0/1.1  
13 Operating System Windows Vista, XP,2000, ME, 98, MAC, Linux  
14 Size L263 x W263 x H50mm  
15 Weight 1285g  
16 Connector USB  
USB– WEA43 (43dBm) Antenna’s Price:         Antenna + shipping cost =  Total: 209.99 GBP
Works with:
This Extreme Long Range Hi-Power USB Antenna transmits/receives signals 9 times further than standard WI-FI USB adapter (if used in the clear Line-of-Sight). Tuned, 18 vibrator element panel antenna constructions gets strongest signal within 35° Horizontal Beam and 18° Vertical Beam. Amplified USB card produces impressive 25 dBm* or 500mW of power output. As a result of this design unit is rated as 43dBm, which more than 8 watts.
(* 25dBm in .11b mode. 15dBm in .11g mode).
Effective range is dramatically increasing with the antenna gain. Every 3dBi gain increase will double the power, extending operating range. Compared to other products on the market, this unit has the highest gain at a smallest size in its class.
Each Antenna has been carefully tuned and tested. Each unit has it's own quality certificate stating that specific unit Gain / SWR (included with the package). SWR: 1.0 <1.5 .

Operating Range:

· Indoors 100 - 150 Meter (328 - 492 Feet)
· Outdoors: 2000 - 14600 Meter (1.24-8.95 Mile, based on same unit on each end, in clear line of sight)

Tips for installing your Extreme Long Range Hi-Power USB Antenna for optimal results:

· Install the antenna in a location with clear line of sight
· Do not install beside any large metal object that would block the WiFi signal
· Tree leaves may reduce signal strength
· Do not install under any canvas. Wet Canvas blocks the transmission
· If you require to run longer USB cable, please use active (powered) USB extender. Please seal all outdoor USB
Please note the following while making your bidding decision:

This Active USB Antenna is very directional and can only cover narrow angle. Please point plastic side (not metal side) of the Antenna in the direction to Access Point. For Vertical Polarization setup make sure USB cable is pointing to Earth. For Horizontal Polarization setup turn it 90 degrees.
If your laptop / desktop has embedded Wi-Fi card please turn it off when using this product, to avoid networking conflicts.

How to get strongest signal:

1.At a close distance to the Wireless Router / Access Point turn on the unit and make sure you connect flawlessly.
2.Move the unit to the designated location, point it in the direction of Wireless Router / Access Point and attempt to get best connection.
3.If connection is unstable or no connection at all, we recommend to get netstumbler software (free - http://www.netstumbler.com/downloads ) and use it to fine tune the wireless connection. Netstumbler is also great to search for distant wireless signals and find free public networks.
If you require to run longer USB cable, please use active (powered) USB extender. Powered USB extenders amplify signal. Passive USB extension cords will not work at a long distance. Please seal all outdoor USB connections.
This USB Antenna is designed to be plugged in to PC / MAC Laptop / Desktop. DO NOT Plug this unit unto the Router / Hub.
Connection Range tested with two same units at the each end in the clear line of sight at a good weather condition. Actual results may vary depending from your setup, day/night, weather and equipment.
**Please note that in most Countries it is illegal to crack other's people encrypted networks.